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By | November 9, 2018

Hi Readers, Welcome back to my blog. I have been away from writing content for past few years, but I am back now. I was away due to security reasons, I guess security is the reason you are reading this post. So if you want to secure your machine from virus attacks and you think that KasperSky is the best option you have to protect your machine, then you have come to the right place. KasperSky 2019 antivirus, internet security as well as total security works for Windows 7 thru 10.

I will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of KasperSky 2019 Antivirus, but before that I would like to save your time. If you are here to download full version software for free then please hit the back button and leave our blog, as we don’t support piracy. Now if you still want it for free there is a trail download version at the bottom of this blog post. If you think a trial version isn’t enough you can buy it directly from there offical site “I am not selling it either”.

So, let us start. I have been working online since I was in 7th Standard. I have seen such severe malware, adware, Trojan attacks that  I wish my readers never face. I have used “n” number of antivirus software’s to keep my system safe, but I admit only Windows Defender works the best. KasperSky is fine with me, but according to my personal experience KasperSky is more of prevention, it is not cure.

What does it mean “prevention, but not cure”?

It means that KasperSky is good to prevent your system from getting infected as it’s total security package has got internet safety (which prevents you from browsing and downloading corrupt content), but if your system is already corrupt and you are looking for an antivirus software which can detect and qurantine the issue then you should look for other antivirus softwares.

Now I don’t want to tell you about the obvious features that every antivirus software has (like full scan, quick scan, or scanning only the selected files), but one thing that is better in KasperSky Total Security 2019 as compared to it’s 2018 variant is “scan speed“.

Is there any better and cheaper options available ?

Yes, there are various better or cheaper options available on internet, For Example : Eset Node and Bit Defender Total Security antiviruses are cheaper than KasperSky. If you are looking for the best, than go for Windows Defender.

If you are trying to Download any file or you have a file that you think has virus, you can scan it using our free tool online “Online Antivirus Scan“.

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