Norton Antivirus Premium 2019 Review and Download Link

By | December 23, 2018

Hi friend, best wishes for upcoming holiday season. I hope everyone is doing well and without wasting my time I will straight away drop at the topic. If  you are looking for a nice, fast and efficient antivirus software then this post is for you. Norton Premium security 2019 is available for Windows, Mac as well as Android devices. If you are feeling it difficult to choose please read my last post on “kasperSky Total security antivirus review“. There are 3 things an antivirus is supposed to do clean threats, keep looking for threats, and keep threats away.

As most of the times we are connected to internet, we download games, movies, and other kind of files that is the main source of viruses getting into our system. This part is done my internet security of your antivirus, stopping you from downloading or browsing corrupt content. Norton offers premium internet security in it’s 2019 antivirus edition. When I say premium I mean it, I ran a few tests and it passed each one with flying colours.


Norton 2019 Antivirus Security

Apart from internet security it has one of the best antivirus libraries in the industry. I don’t know if you know it, but an antivirus as catch and remove viruses from your system through it’s database of antivirus libraries. Norton has one of the biggest and most updated antivirus library in market. It is the best antivirus for Mac operated machines as it has a complete security suite. One thing that you will notice is that your system doesn’t get slow if you use Norton security.

Norton 2019 Premium Edition offers best in industry parental control. Parental control is a must have features now a days and unsafe content is just a click away these days. Most of these unsafe content is also filled with tons of malicious codes that can harm your pc or smartphone. It also offers 25Gb online back up for your files (in case you need to secure files before you quarantine them).

Pricing :It comes for a price of Rs. 2899 or $49.99 for one year and upto 10 devices. For this price getting a nice antivirus , internet security, 25gb online backup and best parental control is awesome. In my point of view Norton 2019 Premium security pack is a nice deal.

Download Norton Premium Security 2019 Now  (Trial Version)

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