Online Voice Recorder

By | May 19, 2015

Online Voice recorder is a free voice and audio recording application based on Web Audio Api. Record voice, play it or download it on your pc, laptop or mobile phone.

Steps to Record App

  • Open App and click Record Button.
  • When you are done recording click on stop button.
  • Now you can play audio from audio player or you can download it from the download link.

10 thoughts on “Online Voice Recorder

  1. gheloen

    y does ur app not hve makeup tuturialls? my bffhg said u cdid makeup.

  2. gheloen

    my bff said u did makeup tuturialls and i am sad becuz u lied to me where r the makeups u r mean

  3. gheloen

    it not nice sorry but there no maakeuop tuturialls so yeah i thoughgt there would be makiup tuttorillas.

  4. PRofessional

    So, basically, this is the best app on the google chrome store. Thank you for making a working online app. Cheers.

  5. t

    Website stopped recording after an hour and I lost all my progress. It’s great for short recordings though.


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